Romeo juliet parental relationships

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We have relationships between parents and teens, between friends, and between enemies. We have relationships between parents and teens, between friends, and between enemies. Romeo and Juliet Parental Expectations Parental expectations are basically the way parents expect their kids to live their lives.

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The definition of expectation is “the act of expecting; to have a prospect of future good or profit”. The Relationship Between Parents And Children In William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet The tragedy of 'Romeo and Juliet' is the result of feuding between two noble families in Verona/Italy.

Romeo was born into the Montague household, who were the more controlled, quieter family. In Romeo and Juliet, many attitudes toward love are represented.

Attitudes Towards Love in Romeo and JulietWhat are the attitudes toward love in this play?

It is this variety in outlooks that allows Shakespeare to create certain events and relationships. Had every character had the same. Key quotes from Act 1 Scene 3, Act 3 Scene 5 (with a few from Act 4 Scene 2) with some crib notes for the teacher. The quotes highlight the relationship between Juliet, Lord & Lady Capulet and The Nurse and are designed to be used by lower ability studen /5(3).

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Romeo juliet parental relationships
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