Business plan going concern opinion

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Going concern

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Going Concern

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NSW Government responds to concern Menindee water-saving plan could have 'detrimental' effect

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PCAOB. Investor Sub Advisory Group. GOING CONCERN CONSIDERATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS. March 28, up a going concern opinion for the first time late in an audit and surprising management, ceasing business, and has no choice but to do so. Apr 08,  · hhgregg is going out of business and shutting down all its stores, the consumer electronics chain said.

Since the appropriateness of the going concern premise is a fundament for the financial statements, the auditor must assess adequacy of management’s judgment regarding the going concern as part of his financial statements audit. Going concern is a basic business concept which is also a fundamental principle underlying the preparation of the vast majority of annual reports, and in particular, the financial.

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Business plan going concern opinion
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